Delicious Playlists

The Playlist I Dance to Most Mornings

Every morning I have a practice where I dance to at least one song, but usually it’s more. This practice keeps me listening to my body, my emotions, and my energy. It’s distinct from putting on happy music and hoping to feel happy. It’s about surrendering and listening to the body’s wisdom and letting it move me. This is the playlist I hit shuffle on most mornings:

DJ Sets for Ecstatic Dance

There’s a beautiful group called The Ministry of Movement in Boulder that holds ecstatic dances every Wednesday. These are the sets I played when I was the DJ for the night. It was super fun to share some of my favorite tunes and take some creative risks by putting my favorite classical/contemporary jams to dance to in there.

Favorite Sex Playlists

I love making playlists that deepen the experience of the moment. A past lover and dance partner of mine once said, “the music is the third dance partner” and he’s right. If you’re dancing or having sex with a partner, doing it in silence is beautiful. But if you want you can add in a third — the music can bring it’s own energy.

Various Moods

Great for so many situations, makes me feel like life is a gorgeous movie:

Basically my favorite playlist to put on when hosting dinner parties or picnics:

My favorite album for doing yoga in airports: