Hi, I’m Savannah Kruger


Building new social games that invite people co-create more of the social, economic, and creative world we want.

Currently Working On

🥰 What Sex Can Be

Contributing to 🏡 Cabin and building a…

🏘️Neighborhood of Friends in Boulder, CO🍲Boulder Food Exchange

Past Lives

Co-led international social impact startup accelerator programs + managed a coworking community at Impact Hub Boulder, facilitated programs for sustainability and systems thinking at Harvard, organized neighborhoods for placemaking projects at City Repair Boulder, ran programs and events with Theory U + MIT, Boulder Startup Week. Built and co-lived in an intentional housing co-op for years.

Garden of Interests I’m Tending

📝Positive Sum Social Game Design

 🙋🏻‍♀️ What is possible for human sexuality?

 🏙️  Urban Design: Walkability, Bicycle Infrastructure, Placemaking

Remembering that Life is Play

 💃🏻  Dancing: Movement Mass, Swing, Tango

👗My Style + Inspiration👷🏻‍♀️Projects I’m Excited About

🗺️ Patterns for Better Online Community Public Good (on the back burner for now)

🫀Deepening Love & Building Worlds with My Boo

 🫂  Designing Digital Communities for Belonging, Participation, and Play

 🔁  Distributing & Decentralizing Money, Power, and Creativity: DAOs, Worker Owned Cooperatives & Metalabels

 🙋🏻‍♀️  How does culture change?

🔊Delicious Playlists📕Reading List

Say Hello

Send me an 💌 email at savkruger@gmail.com if something calls you to. If you’re near Boulder, CO there’s a chance we could meet up.

Otherwise, I’m on 📙 Substack, 🐦 Twitter, 🎵 Spotify, 💼 Linkedin, 📍 Pinterest, 👤 Facebook, and 📚 GoodReads.