Positive Sum Social Game Design

Super into this. Currently making a list of positive sum social games + design elements that will one day serve as a public good to inspire future builders of IRL projects and regen web3 projects.

Our Questions

  • What shapes / design are out there that people can utilize and be inspired by?
  • How to take this out of abstract into being utilizable?

Here’s the list of what I’ve seen so far:

Positive Sum Games

Boulder Food Exchange.

4+ participants all make a larger amount of food

Public Goods Funding?
DIY Unconference?

Exquisite Land

Invite your neighbor

Daily Jam

Everyone draws their own canvas, mint yesterday’s canvases, split shares

Open source software

Everyone draws on the same canvas, mint the next day, split shares

Little Free Libraries / Lending Libraries
Theoretical - ParkBenchDAO

Crowdfund + DAO + government